Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Final Set Concert!

A jampacked Mall of Asia concert ground with a hundred thousand of people or more witnessed the last show of Eraserheads last night. It was a big hit and I was part of it.

3 sets and a bonus round of partying made the crowd wild.

The funny line "di ko sasabihin sa'yo" is priceless as Marcus sung Huwag Mo Nang Itanong (he changed some lyrics, even the beat of the song). The energetic Raymund made his shot and a little bit of words from Buddy. Even if Ely was some kind in his relax mode, the guys still kept the ground rockin'. A few lines with "Kaleidoscope World" did some drama as the group pays tribute to the late Francis M. The latter part with fireworks display was great and the burning of piano made the place even more hot.

Anne Curtis appearance on the screen (with the famous headband) added excitement to the people (as well as the not so pretty girl, hehe).

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