Thursday, January 26, 2012

Weekend Trippin

Spare time at last! Escaping the rush routine in the metro for a day is simply an achievement. Let’s take a ride.

The soothing cool wind in Tagaytay was enough for a great weekend stay in this place called THouse. Feel at home with the relaxing interiors and the natural colors of the surroundings. The clean modern architecture is designed to let relaxation flow naturally. The room entertains a good sleep with a complimentary tea to bid you goodnight. Staff and Crews are nice. How about indulging with their spa treatments.  

The sumptuous complimentary breakfast for two is a hit. Burrp!

Next stop to Josephine's Restaurant. The photo speaks of a great fine dine experience. Pasok ang bulalo! 

Have some chilling moment with this hotspot, the Bag of Beans Coffe Shop. It was my first time and I'm loving the place. Trending ang blueberry cheesecake nila.

Let's continue the food tripping here, I even got a lunch buffet deal with Taal Vista Hotel. What a perk! So, I'm not foodie right?


Thursday, January 19, 2012

In This Bed

Released around February last year, I’m still getting hook with this song called Never Gonna Leave This Bed by Maroon 5 from their album “Hands All Over”. It’s like sitting in the couch on Sunday Morning trying to escape the Shiver from the scar of Misery, murmuring with the song’s melody and imagining every details of the song while hitting the Moves Like Jagger.

"The song received positive reviews from most music critics, who complimented the track's lyric and its sweet sound. It has gained significant airplay on U.S. radio and has charted on the Billboard Hot 100 andAdult Pop Songs, while reaching the top ten on the latter. The music video feature Adam Levine's girlfriend, modelAnne Vyalitsyna, and it sees the frontman snuggling with her on beds in various Los Angeles settings, as passersby give them curious looks."

Catch up the video:

You push me, I don't have the strength to
Resist or control you
So take me down
Take me down

You hurt me, but do I deserve this
You make me so nervous
Calm me down
Calm me down

Wake you up in the middle of the night to say,
I will never walk away again
I never gonna leave this bed

So come here and never leave this place
Perfection of your face
Slows me down
Slows me down
So fall down I need you to trust me
Go easy, don't rush me

Help me out why don't you help me out

Wake you up in the middle of the night to say,
I will never walk away again
I never gonna leave this bed
You say go
It isn't worth it and I say no
It isn't perfect so I stay and still
I'm never gonna leave this bed uh

Take it, take it all take all that I have
I'd give it all away just to get you back
And fake it, fake it I'll take what I can get
Knocking so loud, can you hear me yet?
Try to stay awake but you can't forget

Wake you up in the middle of the night to say,
I will never walk away again
I'm never gonna leave this bed
Oh, you say go
It isn't worth it and I say no
It isn't perfect so I stay and still
I'm never gonna leave this bed uh

Take it, take it all take all that I have
Take it, take it all take all that I have

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Sa payak na gabing may hatid na panglaw
Dulot na lamig dumadampi sa katawan
Sa diwang balisa pagsamo ang inuusal
Na sumapit ang sandaling ika’y makaulayaw

Sa saliw ng hanging tila isang musika
Ninakaw na ulirat may init na dala
Sa payapang haplos, hagod kapagdaka
Isang umagang pagmulat ng mata, masayang nasa tabi ka

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Top 10 Common Etiquette Mistakes

Still in a vacation mode but need to get up. I'm looking forward for the great year ahead. A Happy New Year to everyone!

New year's resolution? Enough said. Learn from the expert on how to be a better person not just for this year but for a lifetime. Take a look.

Etiquette doesn't just mean RSVP and dinner party manners, it's a reflection of your entire outlook on social interaction and public life. In most situations, your image and appearance isn't just part of what defines you; it's the only thing that defines you. 

No.10 Failing To Introduce People
Whether in a professional or social setting, it's always awkward if you fail to introduce two people when you're their only shared acquaintance.

No.9 Not removing yourself to take a cell phone call
In almost every social situation, the people who actually physically share the room with you are owed your attention more than someone who's just calling or texting.

No.8 Arguing Over A Check
Here's a simple rule for group dining situations: Prepare to pay an even share, but don't take advantage of that possibility by overindulging.

No.7 Being Late
People like to feel valued, and if you're looking for a surefire way to indicate that you don't value them at all, go ahead and just fail to show up.

No.6 Not Giving Up Your Seat
In the same way that many rules of etiquette are designed to keep you from being self-centered, the "give up your seat to someone who needs it more" rule is basic human decency and not a discussion about gender politics.

No.5 Treating Service Staff Poorly
Service staff often make less than the minimum legal requirement because it's assumed that you're going to be a reasonable human being and tip 15% to 20%.

No.4 Talking Solely About Yourself
Narcissism is not an attractive quality. Yes, there are some guys who can pull off being arrogant and self-absorbed, but this does not give you license to imitate them.

No.3 Being A Gym Slob

Gym etiquette is pretty simple, but that doesn't prevent every gym from suffering its share of inconsiderate gym slobs.

No.2 Grooming In Public
Public grooming infringes on our shared social contact; whether you think anyone's looking at you or not, it's simply not OK.

No.1 Eating With Your Mouth Open
Eating like an animal is simply one of the worst social mistakes you can make. It graduates from merely a bad habit that reflects poorly on you to something that actively disgusts other nearby people trying to enjoy their food.

Career Advisor

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