Thursday, July 31, 2008

Feast Your Eyes!

. . .







We're getting close......

yeah baby!

----------- rice pa nga!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

AJ Banal

First defeat ni Banal... (at least nakatikim sya ng talo!)

El Torito floors Banal in 10th round, wins via TKO

Panama's Rafael "El Torito" Concepcion floored erstwhile undefeated AJ 'Bazooka' Banal and won via technical knock out in the tenth round of "Laban na Banal: Panahon Na" Saturday at the New Cebu Coliseum.
Concepcion gained the WBA interim superflyweight championship belt after the hometown favorite failed to stand up as the referee counted him out of the scheduled 12-round fight.

'till next time bro!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Hot Momma!

Damn that sexy bod..

(bago sila manganak!)

Jennifer Lopez

Jessica Alba

Angelina Jolie

Christina Aguilera

tsk.. tsk.. tsk..

Sunday, July 20, 2008



Let's talk about this high school thing, just remembering my good and not so good memories w/ a little shot of kalokohan (that was several years ago..), naisip ko lang kc nagtxt ung high school frend ko we will have a reunion daw late this year. Well I think that's part of growing up, that was the growing years un bang unti unti mong nalalaman ung tama at mali (whew!, yes sir, yes ma'am-un lang ung alam natin gawin-ang sumunod).

Minsan naiisip ko e kung pinatulan ko nalang kaya ung mga terror teacher ko nun na lagi nlang nagbigay ng parusa evrytime na maingay ang klase or nakalimutan ang assignment (hehe, e tama nga nman na parusahan) hey that's bad people! (pero ok grades ko nun!) At least we had fun and you will always treasure that part of your life, you can even tell your story to your apo in the future, with a bit of singing the first part of "farewell to you my friend, we'll see each other again.." (stop na, medyo jologs na ung ibang part!).

By the way, I was able to watch High School Musical On Ice at the Big Dome (complimentary ticket lang un!) That was fun, imagine you're with this whole crowd of kids (mostly kids) singing altogether the hits of HSM, hmmm I'm young again! ...

hope you can relate..

Sunday, July 13, 2008


Laugh 'till you drop!

Pampawala ng stress, panoorin nyo to...

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Movie Trip

Trip lang!

I haven't seen any of these movies (yet), ok lang background. Actually coming soon pa ata to except for Simpsons.

@Robinson's Galleria

(Disney's "Wall-e", (good to hang-out after 8 hours in the office.)

(w/ "The Mummy")

(jamming w/ "The Simpsons")

(medyo pangit ung pic, that's the new installment of "Batman, The Dark Knight")

(meet Eddie Murphy in " Meet Dave")

("Zohan", Adam Sandler rocks!)

@ Megamall

(Jet Li's "Warlords")

(the Transporter is back with "Bank Job")

That's for now!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Philippine's finest..

No doubt the Marimar mania captured Marian Rivera to the no. 1 spot.

Medyo naungusan si Angel Locsin (on 4th spot, 3rd actually since kasali ung sa world sexiest)

Sunday, July 6, 2008

For You!

"When you say you love me, The world go still... so still and silent", my favorite line in one of my favorite songs (sorry guys medyo dramatic to!).

I'm just being bothered for all those times na nasasaktan ko na pala sya, I am trying to find ways to become a better me para maipakita how much I appreciate her and how much I love to be with our world! Still, here I am again, hoping to overcome my shortcomings...

this is for her..

All the love for my babe

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Pregnant Man!

Nanganak nraw c Thomas Beatie (a.k.a. Pregnant Man), confusing?. He is claimed to be a Fil-American who used to be a lady (sabi sa TV Patrol).

Mr Beatie, who was born Tracy Lagondino, underwent gender reassignment surgery but chose to keep his female reproductive organs. Gusto pa raw nya kc mag-kaanak. (no kaya ipapatawag nya sa anak nya 'mommy' o 'daddy'!)

watch his (or her) story:

Friday, July 4, 2008

Love To Live

Kinda serious! (medyo senti tau ngayon), just found this article about getting old (i think i am, hehe!) and still enjoy to live with it.

We wonder how we're gonna look like if we reached the age of 80, just read the verses below and hope to live happily ever after!
"Today, dear Lord, Im 80, and there's
much I haven't done.
I hope, dear Lord, you'll let me live
until Im 81.
But then, if I havent finished all I want to do,
Would you please let me stay a while
until I'm 82?
So many places I want to go,
so very much to see.
Do you think that I could manage
to make it to 83?
The world is chaning very fast;
there is so much in store.
I'd like it very much to live until I'm 84.
And if by then I'm still alive,
I'd like to stay 'til 85.
More planes will be in the air,
so I would like to stick
And see what happens to the world
when I turn 86.
I know, dear Lord, it's much to ask
(and it must be nice in heaven),
But I'd really like to stay here until I'm 87.
I know by then I won't be fast,
and sometines I'll be late,
But it would be so pleasant to be here at 88.
I will have seen so many things and
had a wonderful time.
So I'm sure that I'd be willing to leave
when I'm 89.
Just one more thing I'd like to say:
Dear Lord, I thank You kindly,
But if it's okay with You, I'd love
to live past 90!"

--Author Unknown.

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