Monday, July 27, 2009

That Taste of a Rockstar

Heavy rains was all over the metro yesterday. A bit disastrous even our trip somewhere in south.

.. just caught my camera this Ely Buendia billboard along expressway

this one is cool!

Monday, July 20, 2009

An Imaginary Guide to Whine and Women

.. seems quite interesting, check out this book called:

Lies my Yaya Should have told Me
RJ Ledesma’s Imaginary Guide to Whine and Women

(remember that kid in Royal Tru Orange Commercial in the late 80’s, he’s hitting big time now as UNO Magazine. EIC)

“Humor-writing is serious business and he knows it. AS satirical writer Russel Baker rightly said, ‘Humor is funny when it sneaks up on you’. Lies My Yaya Should Have Told Me is all that and more. It is intelligent humor at its best. Laugh and learn about the opposite sex and the road to love. Enjoy a literary experience from one of today’s rare young writers. RJ Ledesma. The man has truly done his yaya proud.”

--- Tessa Mauricio-Arriola
Lifestyle Editor, The Manila Times

(nice review!)

Talking ‘bout dating in the 21st century, that Victoria Court experience, being love and insane, the PMS (girls, you know that), meeting your gf’s parents, etc …

check out some excerpts in his literary:

‘Since men are biologically programmed to look at a woman’s curves and shapes, then high heels will certainly draw their attention because it enhances a woman’s sexual shape. But then again, men are imbeciles. Even a sexily shaped lamp post will draw their attention.’

‘In their more complex minds, women mistakenly equate “boys’ night out” with cheap beer, voluptuous women, and really lousy singing. They’re wrong you know— the beer isn’t cheap.’

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Boyz II Men in Manila

Boyz II Men is said to be the most commercially successfull RnB group of all time. Watch out for them in Manila concert ...

Venue: Araneta Coliseum

Event Date/Time: July 21, 2009 Tuesday at 8:00PM

Ticket Information:

Seat Location / Price

VIP (1st 10 rows of 101 & 103) (Reserved Seating) 4725
Patron (Reserved Seating) 4410
Lower Box (Reserved Seating) 3675
Upper Box A (Reserved Seating) 2625
Upper Box B 1050
Gen. Admission 525

Hailed The Queen!

Definitely the sexiest . . .

The Top Ten:

1. Cristine Reyes - 382,819
2. Megan Fox
3. Marian Rivera - 282,300
4. Angel Locsin - 266,233
5. Katrina Halili - 238,558
6. Iwa Moto - 220,945
7. Ehra Madrigal - 213,287
8. Anne Curtis - 207,825
9. Angelica Panganiban - 198,236
10. Pauleen Luna - 193,197

FHM 100 Sexiest Women in the World (Phils.) Victory Party 2009

Check out FHM USA 100 Sexiest

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