Monday, March 22, 2010

"The Angelicopter"

That is Angelika. A regular caller in Good Times with Mo (Mo Twister's morning show in Magic 89.9).

She was just invited in behalf of Grace Lee (as Grace had a serious skiing injury in Korea, but she's fine and already back at work ).

"Many listeners have clamored for a more permanent role for Angelika on the show--and that we will discuss in the future. Grace isn't going anywhere and if it is decided that Angelika would stay, it would be as an addition to Good Times and not as a replacement." -- Mo Twister

She's definitely hot!


shirt.quote.toh said...

Sino ba naman ang di magkla-clamor sa ganyang beauty? Kahit naman siguro mga damit ko ipapamigay ko para jan.. Pero isa lang ha.. ahihi

Lakwatsero Ako said...

wow! I only ever heard her in Mo's Podcast and the SM radio ads. She sounded chirpy but in a nice way. By her voice I was imagining she looked like Chingay Andrada, you know, masculine looking.

But Wow!

Mr. Tripster said...

I don't like Chopper. Maybe I'm just too slow to assimilate her presence in the Goodtimes morning show. The trio is already great and i feel that they're so complete. But now that Chopper's there, it seems like it's so crowded. Most guys dig the idea because you know, most men's gray matter is situated in their over-rated phallic treasure, and according to their penises Chopper is the ideal radio dj.

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