Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Prayer

Holy Week

(LatinHebdomas Sancta orHebdomas Maior, "Greater Week"; Greek:Μεγάλη ἙβδομάςMegale Hebdomas) inChristianity is the last week of Lent and the week before Easter. It includes the religious holidays of Palm SundayMaundy Thursday(Holy Thursday) and Good Friday, and lasts from Palm Sunday (or in the Eastern,Lazarus Saturday) until, but not including,Easter Sunday, as Easter Sunday is the first day of the new season of The Great Fifty Days. It commemorates the last week of the earthly life of Jesus Christ as recorded in theCanonical gospels.

Time for some retreat, penance and powerful prayers ..

Thanksgiving Prayers For Use During Holy Week

Adam, Jesus, Holy Week, EasterFather of Mercy and Salvation,

As you planted the tree of life in the Garden of Eden, so you have planted the cross of your Son in the New Paradise, replacing the tree that brought us death with the gracious tree that brings us life.

            Response:  Glory to you, O Lord.

As you judged the earth by water and saved Noah by means of the ark, so you judged the world in the water of your Son's pierced side, and saved a remnant through the wood of his cross.

            Response:  Glory to you, O Lord.

As Abraham's only son, the son he loved, bore to Moriah the wood of his sacrifice, so your only Son, the beloved Son, bore his cross to Golgotha, that the blessing of Abraham might be given to the world.

            Response:  Glory to you, O Lord.
 Jospeh Coat of many colors
As Joseph was sold by his brothers and reckoned as dead, yet was raised in glory to the King's right hand, so you Son was delivered to death by his brothers and raised in glory by your Spirit to rule at your side.

            Response:  Glory to you, O Lord.

As the blood of the lamb turned away the angel of death and delivered Israel from Pharaoh's reign, so the blood of your Son has saved us from death and delivered us from bondage to Satan and the world.

            Response:  Glory to you, O Lord.

As the High Priest entered the Holy of Holies with blood to atone for the sins of the people, so your Son entered the true Holy Place and presented the blood that atones for the sins of the world.

            Response:  Glory to you, O Lord.
 Moses, Exodus, 40 Days of Lent
As Moses raised the serpent in the wilderness to heal those who suffered for their sin, so the Son of Man was lifted up on the cross to bear our sin and make us whole.

            Response:  Glory to you, O Lord.

As Jonah lay three days in the belly of the whale, and was raised from death to preach repentance to the Gentiles, so your Son was raised from the bowels of the earth to reconcile all nations to yourself.

            Response:  Glory to you, O Lord.



MOKS™ said...

tnx for sharing this powerful prayer! Have a blessed Holy Week to you!

uno said...

san ka maghoholy week nyan?

pray for allof us...

Xprosaic said...

Naks! bait bait naman... hehehehehhe... ayos na prayer ah...

Keatondrunk said...

@moks: God Bless rin pre, God bless us

@uno: dina muna ko uwi ng province, soul searching ng konti d2 hehe..

Kamila said...

Hayyy.... sana nakapag holy week ako sa Pinas... :( kaso hindi.. hay

Keatondrunk said...

@xprosaic: bait baitan muna hehe ...

@kamila: di bale next year na lang, musta naman jan

emmanuelmateo said...

Amen..salamat po sa pag share.

good am

Keatondrunk said...

@emmanuel: nice bro, thx din.

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