Sunday, July 20, 2008



Let's talk about this high school thing, just remembering my good and not so good memories w/ a little shot of kalokohan (that was several years ago..), naisip ko lang kc nagtxt ung high school frend ko we will have a reunion daw late this year. Well I think that's part of growing up, that was the growing years un bang unti unti mong nalalaman ung tama at mali (whew!, yes sir, yes ma'am-un lang ung alam natin gawin-ang sumunod).

Minsan naiisip ko e kung pinatulan ko nalang kaya ung mga terror teacher ko nun na lagi nlang nagbigay ng parusa evrytime na maingay ang klase or nakalimutan ang assignment (hehe, e tama nga nman na parusahan) hey that's bad people! (pero ok grades ko nun!) At least we had fun and you will always treasure that part of your life, you can even tell your story to your apo in the future, with a bit of singing the first part of "farewell to you my friend, we'll see each other again.." (stop na, medyo jologs na ung ibang part!).

By the way, I was able to watch High School Musical On Ice at the Big Dome (complimentary ticket lang un!) That was fun, imagine you're with this whole crowd of kids (mostly kids) singing altogether the hits of HSM, hmmm I'm young again! ...

hope you can relate..

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