Wednesday, December 17, 2008


... a haggard week, i still have this body pain for 3 or 4 days rehearsal for our x'mas presentation (career to!). Besides, I have to attend my paperworks (matatabunan na desk ko.. ) plus the parties, etc. Since it's christmas, I think I deserve a little reward, I just bought some stuff for myself.

Got this text, a x'mas joke ( this is actually intended for ladies... )

R-18 to!

12 Days Of Christmas song:

On d 12th day of x'mas my true love gave 2 me..

12 holding hands ..

11 kiss sa cheeks..

10 hot embrace..

9 torid kisses..

8 french kiss..

7 lips 2 lips..

6 chikininis..

5 in d bed..

4 dogstyle..

3 foreplays..

2 69's..

at isang malusog na baby ...

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