Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Exit Strategies


 If your work is not mission critical, you're a 'luxury'employee.”  

   Unemployment rate is still high in the country. Somehow we survived the recession that hit the globe a few years ago but who can really predict what will happen tomorrow. Sino ba ang may gustong  mawalan ng trabaho, but in case minamalas why don’t consider these:

Take These Steps -- On Stealth Mode

Work harder:  It will be noticed, and may make a difference. 

Update your resume and skills: Decide whether, if you were let go, you would look for a similar position or go in a new direction. 

Network: Put out feelers but keep it on the down low. While you have a job is the best time to network; look through your contacts and ask ‘How can I help this person?

Start saving: A layoff budget is the most important thing to have when planning your departure.

Use benefits: If you’ve been putting off a dreaded dentist’s appointment or doctor’s visit, do it now, while your company will still cover the costs.

Gather info: Quietly remove any email addresses, contact details, personal files, and belongings you’ll need (but be careful about removing private company data).


khantotantra said...

like ko to..... tama yung mga nakasaad sa listahan.

Use the benefits. use the leaves. :D

SunnyToast said...

informative..actually natamaan ako last year sa recession so my company cut some emplye and I was the last one...but the good part they pay me a really good amount of money and I was able to get a job after two days..same thing that I do with online poker/casino.

Yan rin ang ginawa ko after my last day sa dati kung compny nag update ako ng resume ko then on my last week ginamit ko lahat ng company care...etc ....

keatondrunk said...

@khanto: kelangn tlga magsave ngayon hirap din ng buhay..

@sunnytoast: nice, you're back just in 2 days. keep up the good work!

glentot said...

Yeah, if you work hard, you'll be rewarded with more work, so hindi ka nga mafafire, Stress naman. LOL.

Keatondrunk said...

@glentot: ok lang mastress basta may work hehe..

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