Wednesday, July 27, 2011

How To Tell If Someone Is Lying

So You lie, I lie, They lie, Everybody lies!

Do you really know how to tell if someone is lying? Here, five experts teach you how to smoke out a fibber.

1. A person's demeanor or voice radically changes

As an investigator, I first try to assess how someone normally speaks. To do that, I begin an interview by asking questions that I know the answers to, like "What's your full name?" or "Where do you live?" Some folks are naturally animated and talk fast; others are more subdued. Once I know which type of talker a person is, I start asking him questions that I don't know the answer to. If his manner shifts abruptly -- going from calm to agitated or lively to mellow -- chances are he's not telling the truth.

--Gregg McCrary is a retired FBI criminal profiler and a crime analyst in Fredericksburg, Virginia.

2. A person avoids saying "I"

In my research, I've discovered that when people fib about themselves, they tend to use I and me less often than people who are being truthful. Instead, they'll speak about themselves in the third person ("This is a girl who loves to ski") or even truncate their language ("Really into listening to jazz") -- anything to give themselves psychological distance from the lie.

--Jeffrey Hancock is an associate professor of communication at Cornell University who studies online lying.

3. A person has an answer for everything

Ask most people what they were doing last week and they'll have to pause and think about it. That's even more true of teenagers, who generally don't have the capacity to tell an elaborate story on the fly. So when I call a child into my office and he seems totally rehearsed -- there's zero hesitation before he answers a question -- well, that's a dead giveaway.

--Julia Chung has been an educator for 16 years, first as a high school teacher in Los Angeles and now as an assistant principal in Westchester County, New York.

4. A person fidgets and fusses for no reason

If someone keeps performing a random physical action that seems unnecessary -- cleaning her glasses excessively, retying her shoelaces, or dusting off the (clean) table in front of her she may be lying. The guilt and anxiety make her restless. That can be particularly true if she is lying to somebody she loves. When a person fibs to a traffic cop, she won't necessarily fidget a lot. But if she is deceiving her husband, she won't be able to sit still.

--Barbara Mitchell has been a relationship therapist in New York City for 34 years.

5. A person proclaims his honesty repeatedly

To sell us on the integrity of their answers, liars often use phrases emphasizing the validity of their statements, like "to tell the truth" and "to be perfectly honest." These verbal tip-offs frequently invoke religion. Think of expressions like "I swear on a stack of Bibles" and "as God is my witness." Most truthful people don't need to go that far.

--Joseph Buckley is the president of John E. Reid and Associates, in Chicago, which trains law-enforcement investigators.

Friday, July 22, 2011

The Warrior

I’ve read the speech called “The Filipino Spirit is Rising” by Mr. Antonio Meloto of Gawad Kalinga addressing the graduates of ADDU for several times and I was captured by his words.

Here’s part of the transcript and get uplifted by the message.

“Who can stop us from claiming our Promised Land? Our enemies are not the corrupt politicians, the greedy rich, the lazy poor, the religious hypocrites and other convenient scapegoats. Our enemies are not out there anymore. Our enemies are now within us.

“We have compromised our values and tolerated corruption. We have lowered our standard and tolerated poverty. We have sacrificed the truth for hypocrisy. We have chosen convenience for vision, popularity for leadership…and have chosen despair over hope.”

Do we fight or do we run? Is there a King Leonides among you who will fight for honor and freedom? Are there 300 Spartans among you who will confront our enemies with extraordinary courage and love? Can you be the army who will lead our people to victory following the path of peace? Are you the generation of patriots who can shout to the world that no Filipino will remain poor because you will not allow it; that no Filipino will remain a squatter because you will not allow it; that no politician will remain corrupt because you will not allow it?”

Together, we can build a great nation, first world in the eyes of God and respected by other great nations.”

Monday, July 18, 2011


NBA superstar KOBE BRYANT was in the country for the third time as part of his city Nike tour. Na-missed ko na nman ang kanyang pagbisita. Mukhang nawiwili si Kobe sa Pilipinas.

BTW, I got this Kobe's jacket hoodie. Buti na lang sale sa mall. That I think was released last year pa. 

Thursday, July 14, 2011


Ngayong nagsisimula na ang tag-ulan, isa lang ang masarap gawin, ang kumain!
Although I have this feeling that I spoil myself too much in food, sorry masarap lang talaga kumain. It’s a good treat here in Burgoo.
No more talking for now. Let me fill my craving.




Monday, July 11, 2011


It was a heavy dinner. Habang malakas ang ulan, ayos ang celebration! I was enjoying the birthday treat of a friend syempre libre yun, nice. That was the same night of my officemate’s treat (na-promote ata) and he was expecting me to be there. From Trinoma to Metrowalk, sinuong ko ang malakas na ulan, maka-party lang! (May nag-aya pa sa Megamall, pero out na muna ko dun).
Puro light lang naman inumin pero something went wrong with my stomach - -


    plus ..

plus ..

 Di yata bagay na combination hehe!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


At time like this, sa isang sulok ng kuwadradong silid ng pagmumuni-muni at paglalakbay ng diwa, nais bigkasin ang bawat kataga ng tulang aking naisulat:


Kung sa yong paghakbang ay mayrong humadlang
Hatakin kang pilit sa madilim na daan
Ulirat lakas sinakop ng kawalan
Pagasang bitbit mawawalan ba nang saysay

Lugmok ang katawan isip tila walang malay
Binalot ng takot kaloobang lupaypay
Sa isang sulok ng kadilimang parisukat
Walang kaakibat ni isa mang balikat

Sa sadlak na pangarap ba’y magsasa walang kibo
Di ba’t likas na tapang ay nasa iyong dugo
Sarili’y ibangon humayo kang nakatayo
Yaong liwanag na mithi ay di na nalalayo

Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Queen

SAM PINTO is the bomb! She’s gorgeous, fresh and bubbly. Hailed as the queen in this year’s FHM 100 Sexiest Women Philippine Edition, I think she’s ready for some action. (More skin, hehe!)

"We wanted to keep this news a secret a little longer, but with everyone integrated in ripping our proud necks off if we don’t, well here it is: Sam Pinto is this year’s finest woman in the land. It was a tough race in the months leading up to this event, but Sam anchored on in the final two weeks of voting. Hurray!

Such a huge difference a year makes – Sam made her FHM debut in July 2010nabbed the 32nd spot in last year’s campaign, and has since fully displayed her bikini-ready figure in San Mig Light and Fitrum advertisements. If it isn’t clear by now, the woman is in position to top this list at one point.

(And hey, we’re just about to release this year’s entire FHM 100 Sexiest Women catalogue. Click here to see the complete list!)"

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