Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Damn Beautiful Marié Digby!

The Heat is on!

After Frank (ung bagyo) sobrang init ulit kaya medyo stressful ung past days ko ngayon pero ok lang (kasi i have u guys!) Thank U nga pala kay gorgeous1013 for the comment (first ever comment).

Just check my multimedia files, I uploaded new stuff.

Pero e2 muna nakita ko lang sa internet, her name is Marié Digby, (Pronounced Mar-ee-ay Digby Not Marie Digby) good voice at hanep sa dating! (hi babe!)

(check the video after the jump)

Fact Sheet:

Marié's Full name is Marié Christina Digby Marié's heritage is Japanese Irish-American. Her mother is Japanese and her father is Irish-American Marié lives in Los Angeles and was born in NYC Marié grew up listening to: Portishead, Mazzystar, Radiohead, Bjork, Chopin, Poe, The Smashing Pumpkins, Elliott Smith, The Pushstars, the Cardigans and Jimmy Hendrix Marié loves traveling, people watching, Tim Burton, sleeping in, astronomy, lavender roses, the sound of leaves rustling, animals, Miyazaki Haro, halloween, Baz Lurhman, clouds. Marié loves a lot of things! Marié loves the mysterious ball of black and white fur that often makes cameos in her youtube videos (her dog Misty). Misty is an Australian Shepherd... Misty loves music. (Especially Marié's!!) Marié won the Pantene Pro-Voice songwriting contest in 2004 with her heart felt autobiographical song "Miss Invisible"

Marie Digby (Singing: "Umbrella")

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