Saturday, June 21, 2008

Pacquiao vs. Diaz

A week before the fight, u bet...

Guys alam nyo kapag kinuha na ni Lord tong c Pacquiao (wag nman sana!) PGMA might declare him as national hero tapos may gigantic monument - pwedeng sa tabi ni Ninoy? (di pwede bka magalit sa Kris) then the unveiling will be led by Sec. Atienza.

Pero npakalaking bagay ang binibigay ni Manny (close! hehe) sa Pilipinas, isang araw na wlang traffic, wlang rally, wlang patayan pwera nlang kung may magkainitan sa pustahan, but seriously it's the Pride, sabi nga nung officem8 ko naiyak daw sya while singing the national anthem, Pinoy eh!


David Diaz is the current WBC Lightweight Champion. David Diaz have won the interim title fight with Jose Armando Sta. Cruz. Joel Casamayor, the champion at that time, failed to make the required weight in this division in his fight with Diego Corrales. So that’s why the Lightweight Title was awarded to Diaz. Diaz have defeated the legendary Eric Morales last August 4, 2007 in his title defense. And recently, March 15,2008, he defeated Ramon Montano.
Check out Pacquiao interview:
"This will be my hardest-fought battle,' said Pacquiao. 'It's been over three years since I have changed weight divisions and I will be doing it against the lightweight division's world champion. I saw how he took the fight to Erik Morales in his last title defense and I'm expecting to see the same firepower out of him when we meet. But this is my drive for five. Five world titles in five different weight classes and I will not be denied. I am fighting for history, for destiny and for my people of the Philippines."

"Manny Pacquiao has beaten many great fighters, especially Mexicans like Morales, Barrera, Marquez, Larios and Solis. That's why they call him "The Mexicutioner,' said Diaz. 'I will shock the world and beat Pacquiao at his own game, power for power. He's a great champion but he's fighting in my division - lightweight. I have worked too hard for this world title and I will not give it up to him."
This will be a good fight.
Good Luck bro!
warm-up muna:

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