Monday, October 1, 2012


Craving for Pinoy foods? Experience the taste of ELIAS. 

Located at Bonifacio High Street, Taguig City, the authentic Filipino dishes are made even tasteful and flavorful in large serving, good for a family and a group. A bit pricy but worthy. You can the find the place comfortable with some elegant art paintings in the wall.     

Check out the food.

Protacio's Pride
Baked New Zealand mussels with garlic and cheese 295.00

Tarsillo Squid Al Ajillo
Sauteed squid in olive oil with chilis and garlic 295.00

Crispy Pata
Deep-fried pork leg with garlic sauce, atchara and soy vinegar. Don Rafael (Classic) or Don Maximino ( Hot and Spicy) 550.00

Adobong alimango sa gata with kangkong or cooked with garlic and butter, per 150g 150.00

Kare Kare ng Kura
A special strew made with peanut butter, oxtail, native vegetables, and shirmp paste 400.00


Virkky Mums said...

nakakgutom! ahahahaha

kamusta? :)

keatondrunk said...

hi virkky mums, im good, thanks!

SunnyToast said...

Food gutom:) lately your into food:) thank you for sharing your gastronomic adventure:)

Octapolis said...

whatever it is... it looks good! ;o)

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