Saturday, November 1, 2008


... things lined up in this rainy day season? Just be sure all is well, alam nyo kasi madaling magkasakit during this time kaya nman may proteksyon ako dyan, I always have my vitamins on the go. I take ENERVON everyday. How about yours,

Just bring back the smile on your face, why don't you join KC and the gang singin' "More Energy Mas happy"

... you know guys, I always have this attitude of being 'maingat' and I think that's very important especially kung health na ang nakataya, sa headache pa lang isa lang ang katapat nyan, the brand that gained my trust all through the years - BIOGESIC (and that's I think pareng John Lloyd and I - something in common!)

... got a text message from my dad, he's having a stock out of his favorite ENERVON PRIME, with a healthmind and a healthy body I can say he's one of the best dads in the world,

even my cute pamangkins, CEELIN is always there to protect them from disease, ibang klaseng proteksyon
kasi ang dulot nito - PROTEKTODO! and my sister with MYRA-E, she can never go wrong. Ganyan ang

UNILAB, dito kasi may 'puso ang pamilya! So next time you visit your clinic, magtanong - doc

(watch 'Unilab ba yan' TV ad campaign)

learn more about unilab..

Click HERE to company's corporate website

It's a great opportunity for me to become a part of the UNILAB family. Serving every Filipino people with a quality and affordable products for more than 60 years. We are all in this legacy - the true spirit of Bayanihan. UNILAB - truly a trusted quality heathcare!

(everybody's cheering up during Unilab's 60th anniversary)

So Guys alam nyo na - ugaliing magtanong Unilab ba yan? --->> Dapat UNILAB Yan!

spread the buzz--------------

Unilab ba 'yan? Unilab ba 'yan? Unilab ba 'yan? Unilab ba 'yan? Unilab ba 'yan? Unilab ba 'yan? Unilab ba 'yan? Unilab ba 'yan? Unilab ba 'yan? Unilab ba 'yan? Unilab ba 'yan? Unilab ba 'yan? ................

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Anonymous said...

nice post on the unilab ba yan campaign.

go unilab!

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